“Erase Israel from the Internet”: Anonymous plots massive cyber-attack

image from #OpIsraelHacktivist group Anonymous, along with numerous other hackers, is planning a massive cyber-attack on Israel, threatening to “erase” the country from Internet. Israel is apparently taking the threats seriously, with defensive preparations underway.

“Hacktivists Starting Cyber Attack against Israel on 7th of
Anonymous wrote on Twitter, calling on hackers around
the world to join up for a second ‘OpIsrael.’

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US Copyright Lobby: FOSS “Weakens Software Industry”

posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 24th Feb 2010 22:23 UTC


The world is slowly and surely going crazy. I’m sure of it now. The US copyright lobby has officially gone totally and utterly nuts. Get this: they are trying to lobby the US government to equate encouraging the use of Free and open source software to undermining intellectual property rights, and to weakening the software industry. I wish I was making this stuff up.

The International Intellectual Property Alliance is an umbrella group for organisations like the RIAA and the MPAA, but it also covers publishing, television, and software. It’s one of those organisations you don’t hear about often, who operate rather silently in the background, lobbying for their poisonous cause to the US government.

What the IIPA is currently lobbying for defies all logic. They want the US Trade Representative to place countries like Brazil, India, and Indonesia on the Special 301 list, which is a list of countries that do not, according to mostly the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America and the IIPA, do enough to protect intellectual property rights.

Now, why should these countries be placed on this Special 301 list? Hold on to your Debian t-shirt, because it’s all about Free and open source software. The governments of the countries the IIPA wants to add have one thing in common: they’ve used or are encouraging the adoption of Free and open source software, which, according to the IIPA, "weakens the software industry" and "fails to build respect for intellectual property rights".

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10 Innovative Ways To Use Twitter For Business

Increasingly more companies use Twitter for business – to do market research, do brand advocacy and reputation management and provide selected highlights from a conference or event. Twitter allows them to expand their brand and thus generate new opportunities.

In this article, Mahendra shows you how you can integrate Twitter into your Powerpoint presentation and receive instant feedback. Steven has written about using hashtags effectively. And also, you can learn more about Twitter Lists to follow people more closely.

But to be more innovative in the use of Twitter for a business setting, here are 10 useful tips.


1. Expand Your Network

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Help Needed!

SabilyYou are a developer: you can help us developing new Islamic software to include in Sabily. For example: Hisn Al-Muslim (a software that displays Dua’s (supplications)) or Muallim (a Quranic Arabic teaching tool), and we have ideas to develop Islamic educational software for kids.

You are a graphic designer: you can help us by designing new themes for Sabily (desktop theme, Firefox theme, wallpapers etc.), create new banners to spread Sabily or design pictures for our software.

You have ideas to improve Sabily: they are welcome!

You can share your Internet bandwidth: download the Sabily files using torrent and seed them so downloads will be faster.

You can make a donation or become a sponsor: your money will help us sending free DVDs to people who can’t download them or afford them.

Help us improving Sabily and spreading it all over the world!

Source: www.sabily.org



Don’t Expect Too Much On Obama!!

Obama Among Jewish People

It is obvious that Barack Hussein Obama, the current president of United States of America (USA), used a very hypnotic slogan in his presidential campaign last year (2008), which was "CHANGE: We Can Believe In". That slogan had successfully drugged most people of USA, and even most people of the world, including Indonesia. It is understandable, as he had been expected by the world to be able to change the USA’s foreign policies, after all the mess his predecessor –George Walker Bush– had done with Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, and most of the Muslim world.

Many people in Indonesia even had more pride and hope on him becoming the president of a superpower country. In my opinion, that was because of one rather unacceptable reason, which was an improper pride of Barry (the nickname of little Obama), concerning that he had been staying and studying in Jakarta for a couple years, when he was just an elementary school kid. They might have different opinion if only they know the truth. Now I can say, don’t expect too much on Obama! Why? I’ll tell you why.

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