TweetDeck To Stop Supporting Desktop, Android, iPhone, Facebook


“We are discontinuing support for our older apps: TweetDeck AIR, TweetDeck for Android and TweetDeck for iPhone. They will be removed from their respective app stores in early May and will stop functioning shortly thereafter. We’ll also discontinue support for our Facebook integration.”

Well, their blog post have said it all yesterday. Should start looking for better mobile apps , if any...


Here’s their yesterday’s post:
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220px-Fredrik-neij-portrait“If they knew that our entire office is a chat room on IRC, they wouldn’t believe it.”

– Fredrik Neij #TPBAFK

Our Entire Office is a Chat Room on IRC

Facebook Hacked, Mobile Dev Watering Holes, and Mac Malware

Friday, February 1st: Twitter announced it was hacked. The post (Keeping our users secure) by Bob Lord, Director of Information Security, was sparse on details but recommended disabling Java’s browser plugin.

And according to Lord, the attackers “were extremely sophisticated, and we believe other companies and organizations have also been recently similarly attacked.”

And we believe other companies and organizations have also been recently similarly attacked

Friday, February 15th: Facebook announced it was hacked. According to the Security Team’s note (Protecting People On Facebook), a handful of employees visited a compromised website hosting a Java “exploit which then allowed malware to be installed on these employee laptops.” Continue reading

“My Resolution”

“My resolution will always be resolving the network layer addresses into link layer addresses, because it is a critical function in multiple-access networks.

I will provide the means for the asking host by forcing it to ask its neighbors who has the certain network address, then soon it will receive the reply. Thanks to me”,

says the ARP.